Spare Parts

Genuine Spare Parts

We stock quality and genuine parts, all at low prices. We ensure you  find all the exact-fit parts you need for your vehicle whether new or old.

Car Servicing and Repair

Auto Care Services

We pride ourselves not only in the Quality of our work but in our commitment to our customers and their continued loyalty. Professional mechanics are always available to diagnose, repair and maintenance your vehicle.

Car Hire

Regular Car Hire Services

Reliable and convenient car rental services at amazing rates.


Executive Car Hire


If you are looking for extra comfort, A hassle free and satisfying experience is what we deliver when you choose to hire our fleet of clean and reliable executive chauffered rental cars.

Hire A Driver

Hire A Driver

When you do not feel like driving and want to enjoy the road from the comfort of your car, we are ready to provide qualified and professional drivers to take you to your destination at affordable rates.

Clearing And Forwarding

Clearing and Forwarding

We save you the hassle of having to look for clearance services. We provide professional, fast, safe and cost effective customs clearance, registration and delivery of your newly imported vehicle.

Car Ambulance

Towing Services

In the event of an unexpected breakdown, we offer towing services that extend some tender, love and care to your car at its weakest to your preferred location all over the country.



Car sales

New and Second Hand Cars

At Cruz Ride Auto Ltd, we endeavour to get you the car that you have always dreamt of acquiring, at a the best rates and at the same time offering you flexible payment options that suite your wallet by working with some of the best financiers in the industry.